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New York Debt Attorney

Getting notices about back taxes you owe to the Internal Revenue Service or the New York Department of Revenue? You must take immediate steps to resolve these debts as soon as possible.

Debt Lawyers in New York

The service of an expert New York debt attorney is crucial in the settlement process of your tax issues. If you ignore all the IRS notices, it may eventually lead to a tax lien on your property or a seizure of funds from your bank account. However, Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC understands where you are coming from.

Fortunately, we’ve helped many people who were once in the same tax situation as yours, and they were able to achieve their breakthrough! Now, we’re here to help you too. At Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC, we have a professional team of debt attorneys who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in getting you out of your tax debt problems.

For quite a long time now, we have been providing our services to the people of New York, making sure that they attain a tax debt settlement fit for their income and unique financial circumstances. It is our mission to help every individual taxpayer or small business owner to achieve tax debt relief. Whether they have federal or state tax debt, we are always equipped to relieve them from their dilemmas.

We have been negotiating tax debt settlements for a long time already. Our extensive experience in the field is unparalleled, earning trust between our clients and us and establishing our name as an esteemed assistance provider when it comes to resolving tax debts.

Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC knows every nuance in New York tax law. Whatever situation you find yourself in, trust that we can assess and find the most effective solution to settle your problem and grant you with debt-free tax records. So do not wait until your tax debt strips you of everything you own; take proactive steps with us today!

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Comprehensive New York Debt Attorney Services

Tax debt negotiationOur team is composed of professional individuals excellently skilled to explore every possible option in eradicating your tax debt problems. Our acclaimed services cover the following and more:

Offers in Compromise

IRS has an Offer in Compromise (OIC) program where you can settle your tax debt by paying an amount less than what you originally owe. However, the program was not built to primarily give taxpayers benefit. It is designed so that the IRS can accept offers that will provide them with more money than what they’re supposed to have if they enforce collections through the remaining years on the statute of limitations.

On the bright side, given the right circumstances and the right situation, your offer will get accepted and provide you an incredible write-off. It may also include the release of every tax lien filed.

Installment Agreements

A lot of taxpayers won’t qualify for an Offer in Compromise. If you are one of them, you can still request an installment agreement that will allow you to pay your tax debts in divided portions.

Entering into an installment agreement is arguably the fastest way to resolve your debts to the IRS. These agreements come in four various types: (1) guaranteed installment agreement, (2) streamlined installment agreement, (3) discretionary installment agreement, and (4) partial installment agreement.

Tax Lien Removals

One of the most difficult tax concerns to address is removing federal tax liens from public records. This is because the filing of a tax lien isn’t done to improve the position of the IRS when it comes to having its rights to your property.

Tax liens are filed to protect the IRS as it notifies every third party and potential creditor about their superior claim over your property. Because of this, the IRS has practically no incentive in removing the lien notice from public records until you fully pay what you owe.

However, don’t lose hope. It is still possible to get the tax lien removed, released, or withdrawn despite any incapacity to fully pay the total amount of debt, especially in a lump sum. Contact our New York law firm for professional help!

Debt Attorney Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tax Debt SettlementAttorneys Tax Relief, LLC knows that all aspects of living are now affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are either shut down or operating in a limited way. People are already finding it hard to live normally and get back to their usual livelihood. However, know that we are still fully committed to helping people with tax concerns amidst these trying times.

Your tax responsibilities won’t stop. At Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC, we make sure that we operate efficiently and that our team is providing every service our clients require. These services include dealing with the IRS and other state revenue agencies to resolve all liability disputes and collection matters.

We are always ready to accept new clients. Yet aside from ensuring we only provide high-quality client services, we also value the health and safety of our staff, clients, and third-party contacts. Because of this, we highly recommend contacting us through our website or phone number. Face-to-face meetings will then be planned accordingly.

Expert New York Debt Attorneys

Tax AttorneysOwing money to the IRS or New York Department of Revenue is no easy thing to overcome. Once you receive notices about your back taxes, make sure to employ proactive steps that will clear your debts as soon as possible.

Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC takes pride in helping the people of New York address this problem for a long time now. We house a team of professional debt attorneys that’s always ready to hear your stories and find the right process to guide you through. We will thoroughly address your situation, lay down your options, and lead you in every step of the most effective solution to your tax debts.

When it comes to experience, Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC has an impressive record. We even have a long list of clients who can vouch for our service quality and our incredibly high success rate. This and the way our team will cater to your needs once you work with us are enough to guarantee that we have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to help you pay all of your tax debts.

You are already financially problematic. Don’t add more to this by working with a mediocre debt attorney and ending up paying for a service that didn’t help your situation.

Work with only the best. Work with Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC.

Free Initial Consultation

Attorneys Tax Relief LLC company logoNever ignore a tax debt to the IRS or New York Department of Revenue. Immediately take helpful measures to make sure that you resolve your debts before the situation gets worse.

Seek help today from our New York debt attorney and be financially free tomorrow.

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