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New York Tax Fraud Defense

Intentionally changing or falsifying the information on your tax returns to avoid paying tax is a crime called tax fraud. If the IRS charges you with a tax fraud case, Defense Tax Partners’s top taxation lawyers can help you out.

New York Tax Fraud Defense criminal tax segment block 300x199Tax fraud crimes are penalized with hefty fines of thousands of dollars and imprisonment ranging from one to 25 years, depending on the degree of criminal activity. If you partner with the right law firm, your penalties can be significantly reduced or, better yet, eliminated, upon the proof of your true innocence. For your New York tax fraud defense case, call Defense Tax Partners, a top-notch law firm composed of highly competent lawyers with years of experience in the field of New York tax law.

We are experts in the Internal Revenue Code and the processes and systems of the Internal Revenue Service. We know how to best handle every tax fraud and tax settlement case that we receive, even criminal accusations of white-collar and other financially-related crimes in the state of New York. Furthermore, if you also need legal help with international money transfers, return preparer liabilities, and income reconstructions, we can provide them for you.

Rest assured that your lawyers from Defense Tax Partners will employ the highest standards of professionalism, legal excellence, and work ethics in providing the legal services that we offer, including representing you in front of the IRS, fighting for your rights and interests, and thoroughly analyzing and strategizing your New York tax fraud defense case to come up with the best possible solutions.

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Tax Mistakes Warranting Fraud Charges

Tax fraud cases are heavy criminal charges, yet some of them may come from simple mistakes. This is why you need a New York tax fraud defense attorney who can help fight for your case. The following are the different ways one may be charged with tax fraud:

Inaccurate Deductions

New York Tax Fraud Defense irs lawyer segment block 300x199Taxpayers are required to compute the amount of deductible expenses according to the guidelines in credit and deductions set by the IRS. Proper deductions are a big deal in taxation because they affect the amount of total payable tax.

Incomplete/Incorrect Information

The correct information is vital in filing tax returns, not just in terms of the amount of taxes, deductibles, or finances, but also in your biodata and personal information, like social security number or address. Getting this information wrong can result in tax fraud, especially if the case involves multiple errors.

Unlawful Tax Shelters

Some taxpayers use tax shelters to lower the total amount of their taxes. Tax shelters are legal financial agreements. But when the IRS finds out that your tax shelters are being operated illegally, you will be charged with tax fraud.

Tax Preparer Errors

Tax preparers are hired to calculate and file a taxpayer’s returns to save time and hassle. But it’s important to hire someone whom you truly trust because there are known cases wherein tax preparers intentionally manipulate a taxpayer’s return for their benefit. Even in such cases, the taxpayer can still be held liable for the offense.

Omitted Income

Omitting income can make you liable for tax fraud. If the IRS audits your taxes and finds any unclaimed income, you can be charged with tax fraud or evasion even if you just made an honest mistake. Your lawyers at Defense Tax Partners can help present your case to the IRS to prove that you have no intention to defraud tax authorities.

Actions That Cause Alarm

Not all activities that reduce someone’s tax dues are considered tax fraud. Some are just honest mistakes. But these small errors can alert the IRS that something is not right, prompting them to do an investigation. Situations that may alarm the IRS include:

1. Under-reported income
2. Inconsistent information from the audit
3. Overstating expenses or deductions.
4. Certain information in your tax return has no supporting records
5. Failing to file multiple tax returns
6. Large amounts of cash transactions

Tax Fraud Penalties

Once the IRS detects any anomaly in your returns, their Criminal Investigation Unit will conduct investigations on you. To know if you can be subject to criminal prosecution, they will determine if you violate any of the following charges under Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code.

1. Section 7201 (Attempt to defeat or evade tax)
2. Section 7202 (Willful failure to pay over or collect tax)
3. Section 7203 (Willful failure to file a return, pay tax, or supply information)
4. Section 7206 (2) (Providing false statements or fraud)
5. Section 7212 (A) (Attempts to interfere with the administration of IRS)

People convicted under Title 18 of the United States Code will be penalized with up to 5 years of prison time or $250,000 in fines.

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