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New York Tax Relief

Paying taxes properly as guided by tax laws is a duty of every responsible American citizen. Failing to do so opens up the risk of being charged with criminal tax fraud. However, there are cases wherein taxpayers are genuinely incapable of properly handling their taxes due to situations beyond their control.

Tax Relief in New YorkIn such cases, the IRS doesn’t immediately move with criminal charges or notice for liens. With the right cases presented to them, the IRS may provide these people the chance to enter tax relief programs that may help ease the process of settling the debt.

In proving your eligibility to the IRS for these tax relief programs, you are best served by a qualified and proven lawyer by your side. At Defense Tax Partners, we specialize in these types of cases. We know the ins and outs of the New York tax law environment and how to effectively present tax relief proposals to the IRS. We know what to do with your case.

So if you are looking for a law firm that can skillfully manage and present your case to the IRS so you could be eligible for a New York or federal tax relief program, you’ve come to the right place. For all your tax issues, Defense Tax Partners is your partner to get your life back on track.

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What is Tax Relief?

Tax AttorneysThere are many valid reasons why people cannot pay their taxes on time or at the right amounts. These reasons include a recent natural disaster or a job layoff. If you have unsettled tax liabilities with the IRS, you can be eligible for their tax relief programs that can help you settle your taxes more easily.

Tax relief programs can be applied to both individuals and companies. Here are a few tax relief offerings from the IRS:

1. Tax deductions – Tax deductions are a common tax relief method that involves deducting an amount from a taxpayer’s taxable income, typically for home mortgage interest.

2. Tax credit – This tax relief method is often considered a tax incentive as it is typically applied to government-recognized worthwhile expenses.

3. Tax exclusions – A tax exclusion program allows individuals to leave out certain sources of income as taxable income in their regular tax returns. A common example of an excluded income source is insurance payoffs.

4. Tax debt forgiveness – This method involves requesting consideration from the IRS. They may allow you to pay for a decreased total tax amount with payment terms that are more fit to your financial capabilities.

Defense Tax Partners’s top-notch taxation lawyers can help you understand and evaluate your case and find the best tax relief methods for you. We can help you prepare and manage all your financial records and present your case to the IRS.

Credible New York Tax Relief Professionals

If you’re in a tough financial situation, chances are you are also finding understanding the whole realm of tax law very difficult to handle. This is why it is crucial that you get the services of people who have a deep and proven knowledge of taxation law. You can find skilled taxation attorneys at Defense Tax Partners.

We are a team of highly capable lawyers who dedicate our resources to helping people solve their tax-related matters. We have been in the field for many years. We have known how the IRS works and how to handle a case in a way that serves our clients. We want the best for our clients, and so we pour our resources into finding and winning the best-case scenario of tax relief for them. We can negotiate your case with the IRS so you can get the tax relief that you truly deserve.

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Attorneys Tax Relief LLC company logoWe believe that each of our clients is in a unique situation that demands specific and focused legal assistance. We aim to properly hear your case and find the best solutions for you.

With a team of taxation-specializing attorneys from Defense Tax Partners, rest assured that we will help you find the New York tax relief that you need. Call us today so we can work on your case as soon as possible.

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