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New York Tax Fraud Attorney

Being charged with tax fraud is a serious matter. You might be ordered to pay a large financial penalty or, worse, you might serve time in prison. If you think you are falsely accused, you have to act fast and get legal help from a tax fraud attorney immediately.

Our law firm in New York can give you the best legal help and guidance. At Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC, we have a team of veteran tax fraud attorneys who are skilled and experienced in the field. One of our experienced lawyers can take on your case and build a strong defense. Reach out to our New York tax fraud lawyers, and we can help you win your tax fraud case.

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Tax Mistakes Warranting Fraud Charges

There are many reasons why an individual might face tax fraud charges, and some of them may be simple mistakes or errors.

Inaccurate Deductions

The IRS has created a guide of credits and deductions to prevent these kinds of mistakes. Still, it’s often difficult to figure out the expenses that can be counted as a deduction and which cannot. It’s essential to get this right since deductions are subtracted from a person’s overall income, resulting in a smaller amount of tax to pay.

Incomplete/Incorrect Information

Taxpayers should always double-check their income tax return before filing it to avoid making a costly mistake. Wrong or missing information on an income tax return, including errors in address or social security number, can be considered tax fraud by the IRS. If multiple errors are made in a single tax return form, there may be serious legal and financial consequences.

Unlawful Tax Shelters

Tax shelters are legal, financial agreements that taxpayers can make so they can pay a lesser amount in taxes. However, there are some cases in which tax shelters can be operating illegally. Taxpayers should be careful when creating or using tax shelters because they can be held responsible by the IRS if their shelter turns out to be set up or operating illegally.

Tax Preparer Errors

Taxpayers often hire a professional preparer to do their taxes for them. It’s a good way to save time and ensure that their taxes are calculated properly. However, there are times when a professional tax preparer intentionally inflates a taxpayer’s income for his benefit. Taxpayers should be careful when hiring tax return preparers because they can be held liable by the IRS for miscalculations of incomes and taxes even if the preparer made the error.

Omitted Income

Taxpayers should fill out their income tax forms with 100% honesty. All money earned during the previous year should be included with complete details. The IRS will audit taxpayers with suspicious-looking filings, and if they discover unclaimed income, the taxpayer can be charged with tax fraud or evasion.

If you are facing tax fraud charges for any reason, our dedicated New York tax fraud attorneys are ready to help you.

Actions That Cause Alarm

The IRS will be suspicious if taxpayers like you will commit any of the following:

  • Overstating expenses or deductions
  • Not filing returns multiple times
  • Providing no records to support the information included in your tax return
  • Giving inconsistent information during your audit
  • Conducting massive numbers of cash transactions
  • Underreporting your income

Tax Fraud Penalties

The IRS has its own criminal investigation unit which will be the first to conduct an investigation if someone’s suspected of committing tax evasion or fraud.

An individual or corporation who is found to have committed tax fraud or evasion may be charged with one or more of the following charges under Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code:

  • Section 7201 Attempt to defeat or evade tax
  • Section 7202 Willful failure to pay over or collect tax
  • Section 7203 Willful failure to file a return, pay tax, or supply information
  • Section 7206 (2) Providing false statements or fraud
  • Section 7212 (A) Attempts to interfere with the administration of IRS

A person who is convicted under Title 18 of the United States Code could face penalties that may include imprisonment of up to 5 years or you fines of up to $250,000.

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Getting involved in tax fraud can be stressful and difficult. If you feel helpless, let our law firm help you overcome your tax fraud case. Attorneys Tax Relief, LLC is a trusted law firm in New York. We’ve helped a lot of clients, and they’ve successfully settled their tax fraud charges. We’ll thoroughly assess your tax fraud situation and present you with several options or solutions to settle or win your case.

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